The Official Water Pipe Manufacturer For Rapper Juicy J (Three6Mafia)

We are proud to bring you our unique, one of a kind pieces that push the limits of what was thought possible in functional glass art. All of our products are made from best in class raw material including American borosilicate, aa opal, 24k gold leaf wrap, electroforming infused copper/gold and real diamond’s.


We have collaborated with over fifty of the top American glass artists. We are always looking for new artists to collab with!


We have been in business for over eight years creating over one hundred unique and functional glass pieces/designs.


Check out our killer selection of heady watertubes.


First in class design with top quality raw materials.


Bangers, pendents bowls & stems... We got em!!!

“I’m happy to present my new glass pieces to all my stoners. This is such a accomplishment for me and I’m happy that I can share something of quality with everyone.”